Fei Walnut Armchair
W620 D630 H910mm
Seat height: 450mm
Arm height: 670mm


Ping Table

The award winning Fei armchair was inspired by a flower at the cusp of its spring blossom. Walnut wood was selected for its rich color, pleasing grain and heavy density, qualities that enhance the clean lines of the chair. Each piece is handcrafted and fitted together without nails or screws and can be customized without arms and with cushioning. With a subtle yet unique design, the chair can be placed in an unfurnished sitting room or complemented with other furniture.

“飞”系列的设计灵感来自春天之际, 娇嫩鲜花的初芽形态。
黑胡桃木则以其材质坚硬, 结构紧密, 纹理雅致;
色泽丰 富 美观的特性而获得设计师青睐。飞跃的动感,
干净的 线条, 创意的几何形态, 配合工艺精湛的师,
不用一钉 半扣, 以天衣无缝, 传统与现代科技的
榫卯工艺, 加上细腻的雕 刻和打磨, 整个设计的
神韵风采即呈现 在眼前。 因此,无论是单独欣赏或者
和其他家具配合, “飞”系列的 椅子都会以时尚,
简约, 优雅; 线条流畅 大气和舒适的观 感吸引着你。

Fei Cushioned Chair

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